Judy - April 2017

Helen is amazing. She makes sure I know how to put together what I have and helps me fill in where its needed. She shops within my budget finding beautiful pieces that are truly spot on to my look and personality. I have received a compliment on every outfit she helped me put together. She shops in your closet first and accessorizes every outfit. She takes pictures so you remember what goes with what. I have used her for my winter, spring and summer wardrobes. She is worth her weight in gold in my book!  

Nicole - May 2017

Helen is a godsend! She helped me eliminate unnecessary (unflattering!) items in my closet which made room for new, more stylish pieces that immediately updated my entire wardrobe within my limited budget. She has helped me transition from summer to winter, winter to summer, and even outfitted me for a 3-day business conference. I'll never shop for clothes again. Thank you, Helen! 

Carol - May 2017

Absolutely love Helen and her very personalized service. She quickly learns her client's taste and needs and works with what you already have in your closet. She keeps you in mind even when not working with you so that she can take advantage of picking up that something special when she sees it (or when it goes on sale!). Helen has helped me transform closet from career office clothes to nice and fun social outfits. 

Kokomo - March 2017

I stumbled upon Helen's name in a random Facebook conversation one day. I had plans to go to a pretty snazzy event so I took a chance and contacted her to see if she could help me with my outfit. I was so happy with what she selected, I later called her back for a spring/summer seasonal wardrobe consultation. She found stylish, comfortable, flattering clothes that I really love! A lot of my friends have asked me if I have lost weight- the answer is no, not really, I just started wearing clothes that flatter my figure much better thanks to Helen. I certainly plan to use her again for a fall/winter wardrobe update. She is really fun to work with, and knows her stuff! 

Liz - February 2017

I can't tell you enough how great she is! She has style and class. She puts it together to make u look fantastic!!! 

Kim - June 2017

Helen is AMAZING at making women's lives easier. Such a great lady to know