Heidi - May 2019


I have to brag a bit!!! If you haven’t called Helen Holden yet with Elevate, you’re missing out!!! She has completely changed my wardrobe from simple solids to fun prints while keeping it professional. Now I can run out the door and go from #mommymode to #workmode with just a few accessories in my purse and blazer. She showed me how to pull off certain colors with a light complexion and how to mix and match my colored summer wardrobe. She found some great deals to complete my wardrobe and I took pictures as she put each outfit together so all I have to do is go through my photos each morning to see which outfit I’m in the mood for. She’s amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to freshen up their look.

Pam - April 2019


I was referred to Helen at Elevate by my Esthetician, Jennifer Desantis. I needed some clothes that actually looked good on me to wear in a re-branding photo-shoot. The look I was going for was one that meshed with what I wanted to project in these pictures for my business. I only wanted three things: to look younger, skinnier, and like Catherine Zeta-Jones with blonde hair. 🤣 Ok, I’m kidding, but you get the idea.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't like to shop. I met with Helen and we talked about my brand, my colors, and my very sad existing wardrobe. A week later, we met to try on clothes. She offered me wine, which I promptly guzzled in preparation for this event. Wow! 😲 She knew how to pick out clothes that fit my body. How did she do that!?! The combinations looked fabulous! I remember thinking that a couple items were totally not going to work. I tried them on to be polite and I was amazed at how good they looked! I wouldn’t have picked them off the hanger in a million years, but now they are hanging in my closet! She helped with clothes, shoes, and accessories.

I must confess, I have since gone on to acquire more clothes, handbags and many more items. She provides fashion tips and instruction in how-to videos. I find myself feeling more confident and poised. I even have ventured out to shop on my own. Don’t get me wrong; standing in from of department store mirrors with the unflattering lighting makes me want to gouge out my eyes. But Helen has brought just a little more joy to the shopping experience!

Lauren - March 2019

As a professional speaker, what you wear does matter.  For an upcoming keynote presentation, I consulted with stylist, Helen Holden to find the right look! 

All I can say is WOW!

If you need that professional eye and expertise, she is the one to contact.  Such talent. Such heart.

"What A Strange Power There Is In Clothing."

Issac Bashevis Singer

Fran - October 2018

 Helen is very knowledgeable about what’s in fashion and what looks good on you. When she’s come to see what’s on my closet, she has not only helped me see what pieces have had their “last dash” but also what pieces can work together - and sometimes in combinations I wouldn’t have thought of. She’s very easy to talk to and work with and she really listened to my preferences, likes and dislikes. I highly recommend her!! 

Tami - April 2018

I absolutely loved working with Helen today ! She just made me feel so comfortable and has such an eye for putting together outfits ! I would highly recommend her services! 

Ruth - February 2018

 Helen is genuine in every way! She is brilliant & gifted! She is a delight & beautiful! Trust her to help you with your individual style, your beauty and wardrobe needs! She will really help you look even more stunning than before!!! ✨